About (Updated: January 2013)


Welcome to my public face on the Internet. I try to keep this website updated with samples of my work when (possible permitted). As you will find, I am pretty much a generalist familiar with most aspects of creating motion graphics for almost any media. My core applications are Photoshop, Maya, Blender, and After Effects. I love to collaborate on projects and ideas. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks for visiting.


On my technical side, I have been programming creating prototypes and web applications using Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET, Python, etc. I also am proficient on client side technologies such as XML, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, GOOGLE WIDGITS, and UI design.

        An example website:  Web Application and Programming Samples..

For the web:  In the summer of 2012, I have decided to abandon Adobe Flash to create websites and have chosen HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript, etc. The main reason is HTML5 is cross browser, cross OS, and cross device (i.e. Smart Phones). HTML5 removes an extra layer that requires maintenance from Adobe. HTML5 is open source with lots of great resources.

Other Stuff: I am a bit of a techie using my linux notebook exclusively for web browsing & research. I keep my Mac and Windows work computers pretty much offline (locked down) except for updates and web site testing. Years ago, I started a Real Estate virtual tour business. At that time, I became an expert doing Spherical Panoramas and working with HDR lighting in difficult lighting situations. I have always been interested in photography. I use photos mostly for digital matte work, graphics work, and web projects. I love dusk shots, in particular, the lighting aspects of Rembrandt lighting.


I have been working with graphics since 1993-94. back when Photoshop was version 2.5. I have always loved doing computer graphics and photo manipulation. I currently work full time (9-6) at a great company. I find Photoshop is the basis for everything I do. Anything from corporate presentations to creating textures for Maya.

In 2007 I decided to up the ante on my graphics skills by purchasing and learning Maya 8.5. I also use Blender (blender.org). These 3D applications took my graphics skills to a new level. Maya 8.5 and Blender was a blank slate with no texture assets. It took some time to create thousands of textures used to create my current work. I am devoted to learn everything I can about Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Digital Mattes, and Projections. I also am interested in the visual story telling process 'Making Movies'. Today, I am using Maya and Blender. I also attend as many user groups as possible to keep up with this ever changing tool.

In 2008 I decided to add another skill to my arsenal by purchasing After Effects. It was the final piece in place to round out my visual effects skill set. Whereas before I was only in the flat 2D world of Photoshop, now I have a new dimension which opens up the creative possibilities exponentially. With 3D motion, the creative possibilities are endless!

As a rule, I have found that there is no single software package that does everything I need to do. Also, every software seems to have some set of problems associated with it. THERE IS NO PERFECT SOFTWARE! (i.e. Maya 2009-2010 has Z-Depth file export issues except for OpenEXR). It is the combination of tools and how to use them that produces the desired results. Generally I use (1) Photoshop, (2) Maya/Blender, and (3) After Effects as my main tools of choice. I also use Vue/Maya/Blender to help create some of my 2D-3D digital mattes. What gives the final product the "polished look" are the plug-ins and effects filters used in conjunction with the above tools mentioned. I love Red Giant plugins.


Here is where I am in the January 2013.

I work full time for a Healthcare Company. When I am not doing that, I work on programming and web application projects. I have decided that my skill set (graphics & programming) really is perfect for indipendent game development. After my 9-5 job, I spend time working on my new U-Boat game. I plan to start a blog and start showing screenshots - via social media to promote the new game,

The other part of my free time is spent learning and creating high-end web based interfaces and mobile websites. Over the last year, I have created two personal websites supporting mobile devices.