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Welcome to my website.

Introduction.   I am a Generalist. I know what you are probably thinking - "master of all and master at none". Well I try to not to live up to that statement using both sides of my brain. I really strive to know all the tools I use well. And I do limit myself when I start getting on the fringes of my goals and capabilities. I definitely have the knack to take multiple disciplines and multiple technologies and tie them together to create some cool out-of-the-box thinking solutions.

On my creative side I have been doing 2D graphics for years. Motion graphics are used in Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, and the Game Industry. I have experience working with a wide range of software including Maya, After Effects, and various other Special Effects applications. I also have a background in panoramic photography and standard photography which helps with lighting and shot blocking. I think most artists, in this field, love the visual story telling process. I am no different.

On my technical side I have been doing internet work for years! HTML, CSS, JQuery, Corona LUA, AJAX, Microsoft Technologies (ASP and ASPX), Java Script, and UI Design. This works well with my creative side to produce some compelling interfaces and presentations.

3D Models, Sets, and Props - Whatever world you can imagine, I can create in 3D space. This includes photo quality textures, modeling, lighting and rendering. I specialize in immersive photo real environments for film, set extensions, or game level designs. In the digital world where anything is possible, it's important to do ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED. This is where my experience can make the difference.   Matte Painting - Establishing shots, breathtaking environments, set extensions, historical recreations, and future worlds. I can create 2D mattes for dolly shots and 3D mattes for 360 degrees of panning motion.

Motion Graphics - Oh yes - I love Motion Graphics with After Effects. I think of After Effects as a souped-up version of Photoshop on steroids only with the ability to add animations and effects layers. Ok, so the comparison to Photoshop is weak. Anyway, I have created title sequences, special effects shots, composited shots, web animations, and video to flash ads. THE SECRET SAUCE: Let's not forget those pluginís (not named) and magic custom scripts. These really add the zing and wow factor to the mix.

Front End Web Development / UI Designer / Mobile Developer - The advantage of having a UI designer that is expert in graphics creation AND programming is that realistic and attainable goals can be achieved quickly. Knowing the limitations and caveats associated with each technology (action script, java script, HTML, css, etc) shortens the development time and helps create a solid robust products. Over the years I have designed many websites, created UIís for compiled applications, and created many web front ends for data driven applications (i.e. surveys, web administration tools, email blast applications, etc.). In my spare time I create games for iOS and Android mobile devices using Corona SDK.   I currently work in the Healthcare Industry creating interactive Sales Demos.        

Well that is pretty much it. Thanks for visiting!