www.janelmer.com - 3D models and renders by Jan Elmer
www.janelmer.com - 3D models and renders by Jan Elmer

You might think the aircraft wreck in this picture is the subject. This is actually one of my 3D virtual sets. This work was done the summer of 2008. The scene started as an elevation map created in Photoshop CS3. The texture is then applied to the sea floor and Island/Mountain poly mesh. Elevation sculpting is done with Maya with details accomplished with ZBrush. There are many other 'tricks' too many to mention here. I have found this kind of work to be the most challenging technically as well as artistically. That is why I enjoy it so much! My favorite scenes in any movie are 'Establishing Shots' or 3D matte shots of the environment. I am big fans of Yusei Uesugi, Dusso, and Dylan Cole. They set the standard of which I aspire to be someday.

Another view of the same island. Created and rendered in VUE 6.5. With a 3D set, virtually any shot, angle, and focal length can be used to set up the best shot. Version 7.0 (According to Siggraph 2008 Presentation) is suppose have better/faster rendering. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

This shopping center scene was created with Maya with plants added with Vue 6. The goal here is to create a photorealistic rendering. This scene actually was very easy to create.

I created this entire scene from scratch including textures. The entire scene was created and rendered in Maya using Mental Ray and volumetric shaders.

This is actually the same model as above with different textures, lighting, and camera view. My goal was to create an African Waterfall similar to Victoria Falls. Many of the textures come from Marble Canyon Arizona.

This was a quick scene to create using high quality photos. The entire scene took about 5-6 hours to create including the tower and custom repeating stone textures. Here I am using a series of cards to achieve depth and a certain level of parallax. I found I could only take camera so far before the flat image cards became a problem so I created some additional foreground geometry to overcome the problem.

This scene uses geometry (mountains terrain) created with Autodesk Maya and plants from populated from Vue. I often use several tools to achieve the look I am going for.