www.janelmer.com - 3D models and renders by Jan Elmer
www.janelmer.com - 3D models and renders by Jan Elmer

Welcome to my EC-135 rendering set. This is some of my latest work as of August 2009. The EC-135 helicopter is a model I created from scratch. I did not buy it from a 3rd party website. I created an exploded parts view to show some of the major components I sculpted from raw primitives (mainly: plane, cube, cylinder, and sphere). The entire model, including all parts, took about 32 hours to create in my spare time.

The background for these shots is a virtual 3D set created in Maya. I plan to use the set for various virtual effects shots. The 3D set took about 2 weeks to complete including building textures.

Now for the finished renderings. The helicopter was designed to be animated to 'fly apart' during animated action sequences. I will be working on a composited explosion sequence very soon.

The textures from the controls took some time to research and create. If you look close, the glass screens are reflective compared to the rest of the panel.

View looking toward EC-135 on pad waiting for client.

View looking down on the pad. Rendered with with motion blur.

I always like scenes with reflections. Along the lines of the reflection theme in the original Matrix movie.

This is my tribute to the parting helicopter shots in action movie sequences.